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Longevity Copilot is revolutionizing the approach to personal health optimization, leveraging cutting-edge AI to guide you towards a healthier, longer life.
Can you really improve your biological age?

The study, "Potential reversal of epigenetic age using a diet and lifestyle intervention: a pilot randomized clinical trial" validates Longevity Copilot's AI-driven approach by demonstrating that personalized diet and lifestyle changes can significantly reverse biological age. It emphasizes the potential of our AI to optimize users' biological age by delivering personalized health recommendations based on scientific evidence. So...

Absolutely ✅
Can you really track your aging with a selfie? Is it accurate?

The study "Decoding biological age from face photographs using deep learning" demonstrates the capability of AI to accurately predict biological age based on facial photographs, underscoring the potential of computer vision models like those used by Longevity Copilot for precise health and aging assessments. We utilize our custom age detect model, Copilot Gold, and continually finetune it's performance. So...

Yes and Yes ✅
Longevity Copilot is for those who:
Desire Longevity
Live a longer, healthier life free from common ailments associated with aging.
Fear Premature Decline
Avoid premature decline in health and vitality.
Seek Beyond Generic Advice
Move past failures with generic health and wellness advice.
Love Personalized Health Tech
Recognize the trend towards personalized health technology.
Dislike One-Size-Fits-All
Question the effectiveness of one-size-fits-all health solutions.

Who are we?

I'm Blaise Pascual, the CEO and founder of Longevity Copilot. I worked as a Longevity Research Assistant for 3 years with the Kaeberlein Lab at the University of Washington. After graduating with a B/Sc in Microbiology, I answered the call to serve my country and I had the honor of leading America's bravest Sons and Daughters for seven stellar years. I transitoned out of service in September 2023 as a Captain.

Fast forward to today, I've honed my technical skills as a Full-stack AI Software Engineer and built a team with two additional technical AI engineers for the goal of building AI applications that benefit humanity.

The Longevity Copilot team leverages extensive domain expertise in Longevity science, the honor and integrity sharpened by military leadership experience, as well as superior proficiency with the bleeding edge of AI to present you with the world's first ever Longevity Copilot.

Our innovative 3-step approach:

Personalized Health Insights

Old Way: Relying on generic diet and exercise plans often results in minimal or inconsistent health improvements, leading many to abandon their health goals due to a lack of personalized guidance and noticeable results.

New Way: Longevity Copilot leverages AI to meticulously analyze your personal health data, including dietary habits, physical activity, sleep patterns, and more, to provide precise, tailored lifestyle recommendations. This approach ensures that every aspect of your health plan is optimized for your unique biological makeup.

Result: Users experience significant improvements in health metrics and vitality, evidenced by decreased biological age markers and enhanced overall wellness.

Our unique inisght: The study, "Potential reversal of epigenetic age using a diet and lifestyle intervention: a pilot randomized clinical trial" validates Longevity Copilot's AI-driven approach by demonstrating that personalized diet and lifestyle changes can significantly reverse biological age. It emphasizes the potential of our AI to optimize users' biological age by delivering personalized health recommendations based on scientific evidence.

Valued At: $3,000 / year

Real-time Health Coaching

Old Way: Traditional health coaching often involves infrequent consultations with a coach or nutritionist, leading to delays in receiving advice and adjustments to your health plan. This can result in missed opportunities for timely interventions and support.

New Way: With Longevity Copilot, you gain access to an AI-driven 24/7 health coach, ready to offer immediate advice on nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management. Our intelligent system provides real-time feedback and recommendations, ensuring you're always making the best decisions for your health.

Result: Users consistently make healthier lifestyle choices, leading to sustained improvements in their health and a deeper understanding of how various factors contribute to their overall well-being.

Our unique inisght: The study by Mitchell et al. highlights that even a scripted chatbot can effectively replicate aspects of human coaching, particularly in persistence and autonomy support, indicating the potential of AI-driven health coaching to extend vital support to broader populations. This evidence underscores Longevity Copilot's advantage in providing consistent, accessible health coaching to anyone, anytime.

Valued At: $5,000 / year

Progress Tracking and Adjustment

Old Way: Utilizing multiple apps or devices to track health metrics often results in fragmented and hard-to-interpret data. This disjointed approach can lead to stagnation or misdirected health efforts due to the lack of a cohesive view of one's health journey.

New Way: Longevity Copilot integrates all aspects of health tracking within a single app, providing users with clear, concise progress reports and actionable feedback. This unified platform leverages AI to analyze health data, making real-time adjustments to ensure that each user's personalized health journey is always moving in the right direction, adapting to their evolving needs over time.

Result: Users experience a more streamlined health monitoring process, leading to better-informed health decisions and more effective adjustments to their lifestyle and wellness routines. This comprehensive approach fosters a deeper understanding of one's health progress, promoting sustained engagement and motivation.

Our unique inisght: A unified health tracking system, powered by AI, significantly simplifies the process of monitoring health progress, leading to more accurate and personalized health insights. This consolidation of data not only makes it easier for users to see the big picture of their health but also enables more precise adjustments to their health plans, resulting in improved outcomes.

Valued At: $2,500 / year

The Other Guys 😴

Trial and Error Method with No Guidance 🙈


Results: Going alone, often leads to inconsistent results, frustration, and potential health risks due to misinformation or ineffective strategies.

Price:Wasted supplements, gym memberships, and health gadgets—can accumulate, surpassing $1,000 annually.

Time: Years may be spent trying different health trends and fads, leaving you minimal progress towards longevity goals.

Longevity Consultants 🤓


Results: While providing personalized advice, consultants can vary in their approach, the quality of advice, and are prone to human error.

Price: Ranges from $5,000 to 10,000 annually

Time: Scheduled consultations, often monthly or quarterly, with limited flexibility and no real-time support.

Nutritionists 🥔


Results: Valuable dietary advice but might not integrate this with a holistic approach to longevity, focusing mainly on nutrition without considering other vital aspects like sleep, stress, and exercise.

Price: Typically around $1,200 to 3,000 annually for regular sessions.

Time: Regular sessions scheduled weekly or bi-weekly, with slow adaptation to changing health needs.

Companies Requiring Blood Draws 💉


Results: These services can provide detailed biological insights but often involve invasive procedures like blood draws, which many find unpleasant. The results can be insightful but are usually not provided in real-time and lack ongoing support.

Price: Around 1,000 to 3,000 annually, including tests and consultation fees.

Time: Bi-annual or annual testing; time-consuming appointments and waiting period for results.

Our Solution 👑

Results ✅

Experience a smooth, evidence-based pathway to personalized health optimization. Your protocol is continually refined to meet you evolving health needs, ensuring effective and safe strategies for extending disease-free lifespan.

Price 👍

At a fraction of the cost compared to alternatives, lifetime access offers immense value by replacing the financial drain of unguided experimentation with a proven, comprehensive health optimization platform.

Time ⌚

Immediate access to personalized insights and ongoing support maximizes time efficiency, enabling users to see tangible improvements in their health and longevity without the delays inherent to the trial and error method.

This is for anyone committed to transforming their health and longevity but frustrated by the lack of personalized guidance and clear direction in their journey.

The Research Backs Us Up 📊
Technology has proven to markedly impact anti-aging healthcare by helping manage diet and lifestyle factors

The study "Digital Anti-Aging Healthcare: An Overview of the Applications of Digital Technologies in Diet Management" delves into the transformative potential of digital technologies in revolutionizing diet management as a pivotal component of anti-aging healthcare. It explores the effectiveness of mobile apps, web-based platforms, wearable devices, and advanced technologies like AI and IoT in providing personalized, real-time dietary guidance. By highlighting the shift from traditional, often inaccurate self-reporting methods to dynamic, technology-driven approaches, the research underscores significant advancements in nutritional monitoring, personalized recommendations, and the facilitation of sustainable behavioral changes. These innovations are shown to substantially contribute to health span expansion and longevity, particularly by enhancing dietary patterns and improving health outcomes related to cardiovascular health and overall physical and mental wellness.

Why It Supports Our Thesis: The findings from this comprehensive study reinforce Longevity Copilot's thesis that leveraging digital technologies to manage diet and lifestyle factors can markedly impact anti-aging healthcare. By offering customized, data-driven insights and interventions, our platform mirrors the study's demonstrated success in utilizing digital tools for dietary control. This aligns with our mission to provide an integrated, technology-based solution that empowers individuals to actively manage their health and aging process, supported by accurate monitoring and personalized feedback.

Improve your cardiovascular health, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, and arterial stiffness even if you're already 'healthy'

The study, "A Longitudinal Study of Health Improvement in the Atlanta CHDWB Wellness Cohort" delves into the Center for Health Discovery and Well-being (CHDWB) program's impact on fostering and maintaining healthy behaviors among participants. Over a year, significant health improvements were documented across more than 90 traits in 382 individuals, showcasing notable advancements in cardiovascular health markers such as BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and arterial stiffness. The study highlights the pronounced benefits for those at elevated baseline risk for cardiovascular diseases, emphasizing the potential of personalized and informed interventions in mitigating health risks.

Why It Supports Our Thesis: This research directly correlates with Longevity Copilot's mission by providing empirical evidence that informed and personalized health interventions can lead to substantial improvements in critical health metrics, especially for those at greater risk. It underscores the importance of our AI-driven platform in identifying and addressing individual health needs, thereby optimizing the pathway to healthier lifestyles and extended longevity.

With Longevity Copilot, you'll 👇

Gain insights into your health that were previously inaccessible.

Make daily choices that directly contribute to your longevity.

See tangible improvements in your biological age.


Simple. Proven. Effective.

The platform bridges the gap between sophisticated research and practical application.


AI-Driven Health Analysis

Deeply understand your health profile and receive tailored advice.


24/7 AI Health Coach

Immediate support for all your health-related questions and decisions.


Progress Tracking with AI

Witness your health improvements with our custom aging model.


Limited Launch Special

For a limited time, gain full, lifetime access to Longevity Copilot for a fraction of the potential cost of not addressing your health proactively. Special Pricing Ends Soon.

  • Access to high-quality, scientifically proven guides for longevity
  • Access to limited set of free aging tools like aging calculators
  • Access to monthly Q&A sessions


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For early adopters, we're offering an exclusive one-on-one onboarding session to jumpstart your journey to a healthier, longer life.


We're confident in the transformative potential of Longevity Copilot. Enjoy a 30-day risk-free trial to experience the difference firsthand.

Embrace the future of personalized health optimization with Longevity Copilot.
Gain unmatched insights into your health, make informed decisions daily, and track your journey towards a longer, healthier life.
FAQ 🙋‍♂️
Will this work for me?

Absolutely. Our AI adapts to your unique health profile, ensuring personalized guidance.

Is it too late to start?

It's never too late to improve your health. Longevity Copilot is designed to make a significant impact, regardless of when you begin.

How can I trust the AI?

Our platform is built on verified scientific research and continuously updated to incorporate the latest health data.

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